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EXCESS 15 Catamaran

Faithful replica of the Excess 15. This official 1/30th scale model was built in partnership with the CNB shipyard, based on the original plans.

Resin hull (polyester and fiberglass)

Custom chrome-plated brass fittings.

Deck finished in matt varnished wood.

4 coats of paint and 2 coats of topcoat are applied for a gel-coat finish.

Secure packaging (cardboard and wooden box) + pallet for secure delivery. Model delivered fully assembled.

Numbered certificate of authenticity and 1-year warranty.


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History of this model:

With its 125 m² and 25-meter high mast, the Excess 15 is the largest of the new Bénéteau family.
In addition to its spaciousness, this boat features two helm stations, located aft of the hulls, designed to enhance sailing pleasure.

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