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Specialist in high-end models

Entirely handcrafted according to the artisanal tradition, the KIADE wooden model boats are made in our workshops by craftsmen specialized in the work of wood, resin and by jewelers who design the fittings. Their work is only guided by the concern of quality and and the precision of the finishing touches.


In order to be as faithful as possible to reality for our scale models, we work from precise, original plans and numerous photos. Templates are made in order to develop a prototype that is subject to meticulous controls. As an official licensee of the shipyards with which we develop our partnerships, we work from all the data and official plans provided by them.


WOOD: Made of noble woods (mahogany), our model boats are built with planking for the hull and the deck is battened. In order to guarantee the stability of our models over time, a specific technique allows an excellent grip of the wood avoiding the risk of cracks. Moreover, as wood is a living material, its choice and drying are the object of particular attention, essential to its good behaviour over time. RESIN : Made of polyester and fiberglass, our models are built according to the same process as the real boats. A silicon print is taken on a master made from the original 3D plans allowing the production of hulls. A long sanding process is then carried out in order to reproduce the smallest details as faithfully as possible.

Sanding and varnishing or painting

Then begins the long work of sanding and varnishing or painting according to a unique process. In order to obtain a perfectly smooth hull and deck, 10 coats of varnish are applied (for varnished wood models) or 4 coats of paint and 2 coats of finishing varnish (for painted models), interspersed with increasingly fine sanding steps. The final phase consists of applying several coats of gloss varnish to obtain a "mirror effect" for mahogany boats.

Fittings and saddlery

A selection of detailed photos allows us to produce brass or chrome-plated brass fittings that meet the requirements of real jewelry pieces. To do this, our jewelers draw each of them to create specific molds. This way, we obtain pieces that are faithful to reality. All saddlery and sail elements are handcrafted and sewn using the original materials when possible or substitutes if the original material cannot be used for our models.


As for the bases, they meet the same quality criteria as our models. They are made of varnished mahogany for the mahogany boats and painted for the other models, they follow the same steps of varnishing and sanding.


Finally, we take special care with the packaging. Each boat, whether it is a wooden model of a sailboat or a model of a motorboat, is entirely wrapped and protected by polystyrene cut to measure. The whole is then put in a cardboard box padded with polystyrene plates. The sailboats are fixed in a wooden box, itself integrated in a cardboard. The whole is delivered on a filmed pallet in order to guarantee a secure transport. Each step of the manufacturing process is subject to rigorous controls. A final quality control is performed before each product is shipped. A "Certificate of Authenticity KIADE ModelsA numbered "Certificate of Authenticity KIADE Maquettes" is then issued and guarantees the conformity of the model.

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