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This model of RAINBOW IV with a length of 50cm, was made in the scale 1:10. Replica of the legendary boat, this model is made entirely by hand from noble material: Mahogany wood for marine upholstery and genuine. All fitytings parts are in chrome brass made ​​by jewelers. 10 layers of varnish are applied to achieve excellent gloss of varnish.

The model comes in secure packaging.
Numbered certificate of authenticity and warranty of 1 year.

Information about this model:
Ref.: R RAIN 50
Lenght: 50cm
Scale: 1:17

766.67  .

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The history of MODEL RAINBOW IV 50cm
Rainbow IV designed by Georges Crouch is commanded in autumn, 1923 by Harry Greening at the same time as Baby Bootlegger and Miss Columbia. Georges Crouch designed already three first ones Rainbow. Rainbow IV is the fruit of a long collaboration between George Crouch and Harry Greening. The Lineage of Rainbow is established by fast, strong boats appropriate to make the Motorboat racing progress. In 1924, Gold Cup competed annually in Detroit became the international challenge of the Motorboat racing. Rainbow IV won easily, he skims over the race with his hull so particular and the immense spray of water which lifts his propeller. However it is disqualified for the benefit of Baby Bootlegger on the illegality of its hull. After this disqualification Harry Greenings dashes with Rainbow IV into the hunting of the records. October 2nd, 1925; it beats the record of distance of 24 hours on a Canadian lake in the 57 mph average speed. The maximal speed of Rainbow IV was 60 mph.