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MODEL BOAT RIVA SUPER ARISTON 69cm ( ivory saddlery)

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MODEL BOAT RIVA SUPER ARISTON 69cm ( ivory saddlery)

Official Riva model

This official model boat of Riva Super Ariston (scale 1:10) is built in mahogany exactly as the real boat with fitting parts ( chrom brass) built by our jewellers. Real upholstery.
In order to obtain a perfectly smooth hull and deck, 10 layers of varnish are applied, intersected with increasingly fine stages of sanding. The final phase consists in applying several layers of gloss varnish to produce a ” mirror effect ” characteristic of these boats.

Double cover for secure shipping.

Numbered certificate of authenticity and warranty of 1 year.

Information about this model:
Builder: RIVA
Ref.: R SARIS 69 Y
Lenght: 69cm
Scale: 1:10

1,200.00  .

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The history of MODEL BOAT RIVA SUPER ARISTON 69cm ( ivory saddlery)
Alongside the Aquarama, the Ariston is perhaps Riva’s best known model, and certainly one of its most popular. When production ceased in 1974, twenty-four years after the model was first conceived, over 1,000 boats had been built. Over this period, many modifications were made, not least its length – which ranged from 6.2 to almost 7 metres – and the size of the single engine fitted, which ranged from 105 hp to 350 hp in the Super Ariston, powerful enough to take it to a top speed of 80 km/h. The Ariston was available in three different versions. The ‘normal’ Ariston, 804 of which were built between 1950 and 1972, was supplemented by the more powerful Ariston Cadillac in 1956-7, nineteen of which were built. This, in turn, was superseded by the Super Ariston in 1960, which continued to be produced until 1974; these can be distinguished by their larger engines (275 – 350 hp) and a wooden saxboard around the rim of the bow. The Riva Super Arsiton is an evolution of the Riva Ariston manufactured from 1960 to 1974 in 180 copies. Slightly longer than the Riva Ariston it was powered by more powerful Chrysler V8 engines of 290 hp and Riva of 320 hp enabling it to reach 80 km / h. The Super Ariston is caraterized by a new line of bridge.