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Specialist of high quality model boats , we make any kind of custom ship from original plans. True partnership with shipyards, we work closely with them to be as faithful as possible to the original boat! Mastering the various applications: 3D CAD , machining, carpentry, upholstery, jewelry, paint and varnish ; we can meet all demands and manufacture fully all components of the model. Whether in small series (best 5-10) or for more important productions , the quality of our models are always the same. A first prototype is always performed for validation prior to production of the final models. Today we are recognized for our expertise and know-how.


Kiade’s objective is to reproduce a model as close to reality as is possible. In order to achieve this, we work starting from precise plans and multiple photographs. Gauges are produced in order to develop a prototype. We work only with official plans from the shipyards…


WOOD: Only the finest quality woods are used to make our models. Each species is carefully selected for its strength and durability. Made of fine wood (beech)and resin, our models are built planked on hull : each wooden slat is glued individually to produce an authentic hull and deck. RESIN: With Polyester and fiberglass, our models are built with the same process as the real boats. A mould is made in silicon with the 3D original plans in order to produce the hull in small series. This is followed by KIADE’s exclusive assembly process, making it possible to perfectly fasten the deck.

Sanding and varnishing

Next the model is sanded and varnished. In order to obtain a perfectly smooth hull and deck, 10 coats of varnish are applied ( for the model in varnish finition) or 4 coats of paint and 2 coats of varnish ( for the painted models), intersected with increasingly fine stages of sanding. The final phase consists in applying several layers of gloss varnish to produce a ” mirror effect ” characteristic of the boats in mahogany.

Deck parts and saddlery

Our jewellers uses detailed photographs to create specific deck part moulds, from which individual parts are crafted using brass and chrome brass. All upholstery and elements of sails are assembled and sewed by hand.


The base to each model is crafted in wood ( beech) and made to the same quality standards as the model itself.


Finally, we take particular care in packaging the model so that it safely reaches each new owner. Each runabout is wrapped and protect in polystyrene made-to-measure . Then it is placed in a custom box upholstered of polystyrene. The sailing ships are fixed in a wood box, then in a cardboard box and all is fixed on a pallet. Each stage of the construction is rigorously checked. A final quality control happens before each model is dispatched. Finally, a numbered “KIADE Models Certificate of Authenticity” is issued to guarantee the conformity of the ship model.