MODEL BOAT RIVA AQUARIVA 84cm (ivory hull)

Official RIVA model

Exceptional official RIVA AQUARIVA model, scale 1:12

Built from the original 3D plans from the shipyard.
Polyester and fiberglass for the hull.
Fittings parts built by jewellers with chrome brass.
Metallic paint on the hull.
Original real upholstery.

Double box secure packaging for shipping.
Numbered certificate of origin and warranty of 1 year.

Information about this model:
Builder: KIADE
Dimension: 84cm
Scale: 1:12

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MODEL BOAT RIVA AQUARIVA 84cm (ivory hull)

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History of this model:

The 33′ Aquariva is the boat that, may be more than any others, represents the natural conjunction point between the past Riva and the one of the future.
His elegant and sinuous lines, the presence of precious woods made at art, the absolute details care, come together with unique comfort, reliability and performances for a motorboat like this.Aquariva has confirmed his own presence and his own success on all the continents, exactly like the legendary Aquarama did a few decades ago, today a cult boat for the worldwide collectors.